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TBSR Technology in Business Schools Roundtable

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About TBSR

Technology in Business Schools Roundtable (TBSr) was formed in 2004 to provide opportunities for technology leaders in business schools to share ideas and best practices and to collaborate with their colleagues at other AACSB-accredited business schools. TBSr promotes multiple methods for members to interact and engage one another - in person at TBSr, Educause, or AACSB annual meetings or virtually during online sessions of special interest topics throughout the year. Further, TBSr membership offers collective access to other business school IT leaders who are focused on similar goals and manage related challenges.

"The TBS Roundtable survey is an excellent tool to provide a snapshot of what decisions are being made in business schools today. Even though we are all competing for students, funding, etc… this survey allows us to share our technology progression with others, thus making business school education resources even better for our students, faculty and staff."

- Jim Chaffee, University of Iowa, Henry B. Tippie College of Business


To meet the unique information technology challenges faced by AACSB-accredited business schools and colleges by fostering collaboration among the technology leadership of these business schools and colleges.


  • To improve the overall quality of the technology efforts of our schools and colleges.
  • To share best practices knowledge and experiences in an environment of trust.
  • To increase collaboration among technology leaders at peer institutions.


  • Best Practices Knowledge:
    • Benchmarking (with peers)
    • Research and development
    • Funding technology initiatives
    • Measurements and continuous improvement
    • Problem reporting, tracking, and solving
    • Survey results of technology in business schools practices
    • Reviewing and sharing of literature and research
    • Periodic discussion sessions on special interest topics
    • Access to the TBSr External Review Service

  • Networking Opportunities
    • Establishing individual relationships with peers that could lead to joint research efforts, more cost-effective license agreements, etc.
    • Eligibility to attend the TBSr Annual Conference where members develop the agenda around current topics of interest and share innovations and solutions.
    • Engaging members virtually throughout the year on strategic topics focused on the business school environment.

  • Developing a level of trust with colleagues outside your institution that you can work with to improve your technology program


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