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TBSR Technology in Business Schools Roundtable

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Welcome to the Technology in Business Schools Roundtable (TBSr)

Successfully managing technology to provide the greatest value to any organization is a challenge, but the competitive environment of business schools to distinguish and reinvent themselves adds to the complexity of obtaining the highest return from technology innovations at the lowest cost.

TBS is a global organization composed of individuals who are IT Directors, Assistant Deans of Technology, or Associate Deans of Technology - IT leaders who manage information technology in business schools.  The TBS organization provides opportunities for these individuals to network, learn, share, and collaborate on technology innovations and best practices as applied to the unique environment of business schools - key benefits for members and their schools. 

The Technology in Business Schools Roundtable celebrates diversity
and is committed to creating an inclusive and equitable environment where IT leaders from all backgrounds can share and learn from each other.  Members collaborate online throughout the year on specific topics of interest and participate in IT surveys to collect data on resources, services supported, and innovations implemented.  Each year a member school hosts the TBSr Annual Meeting and the agenda is developed with membership input.  This event provides an opportunity to network in person with other members,  learn about IT topics of interest, interact with IT vendors on new technologies, and see the facilities of other business schools. 

The virtual sessions, results of the surveys, and the annual meeting offer a wealth of knowledge and experience all specific to the business school environment.  Being connected to the TBSr community, provides significant benefits to members and their participating schools.  

Please take a moment to learn more about TBSr and the advantages of becoming a member.


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